Slum Village ft. QTip – Hold Tight (Lost Remix)

Slum Village ft. QTip - Hold Tight (Lost Remix)

Today Slum Village releases one from the vault produced by J Dilla.

Slum Village’s 20th Anniversary from the 1998 completion date of the phenomenal classic recording “Fantastic Vol. 2” reveals additional relics from the original trio T3, “Baatin” and Jay Dee.

Starting with “Hold Tight” featuring Q Tip, a remix never released until now, it was produced by Jay Dee, a.k.a J Dilla. T3 says “the experience of listening to these songs, made all the hard work worth it.” After much thought, Slum decided to release the material, so fans can hear what has been enjoyed for years (privately) in-house. According to Young RJ (who joined SV in 2010).. “listening to the music gave me chills.”

Slum Village is re-emerging with a tour this summer, honoring this 20 year release. The group is now comprised of T3 and Young RJ and the tour will feature special surprises along the way.

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