Magestik Legend – DetroitMental

Magestik Legend - DetroitMental

Magestik Legend returns with this new banger called ‘DetroitMental’.

With just a week before the release of Magestik Legend‘s forthcoming solo album, All This Time, the emcee/producer shares the project’s hard-hitting second single, “Detroit Mental.”  The song is an impassioned ode to his hometown, the city that has arguably birthed some of hip hop’s best music.

With all the ups, downs, memories and new beginnings, sometimes I feel like my city and I are living the same life. Detroit is my city. I call it ‘my Detroit’ because my personal experiences in this beautiful city shape my perspective of it. I’ve always shied away from making a typical ‘Detroit song,’ partly because it’s become such a soulless trend where I’m from. But since I moved to California a couple years ago, I’ve really missed my city. Though the landscape seems to change every time I leave, it will always be my Detroit. My Detroit is constantly on my mind, especially when I’m away.” – Magestik Legend

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