Stoneface & William Cooper – Sacrafice

Stoneface & William Cooper - Sacrafice

Stoneface and William Cooper release their new single ‘Sacrafice’.

Many people say that the greatest feats of honor are from those who have sacrificed for a greater purpose. If you are lucky enough to meet such a purpose in your lifetime, you then have the opportunity to achieve Magnetic Alchemy, which is one of the highest rewards of “Sacrafice“.

On “Sacrafice”, Stoneface and William Cooper trade sacrificial bars over a gritty soundscape while simultaneously revealing the Stonehenge Mysteries. When asked about the importance of “Sacrafice”, Stoneface added, “I even purposely spelled the word ‘sacrifice’ differently to emphasize it’s alchemical properties that are only found within selfless individuals… ‘sacrafice’ is the gold that dwells deep in the heart and shines bright with extreme brilliance”.

Stoneface’s debut album, “The Stone Age”, is out now and available for purchase on CD and all digital platforms.

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