Lando Chill ft. Swansuit – Dah Vapor

Lando Chill ft. Swansuit - Dah Vapor

Lando Chill connects with Swansuit on new single ‘Dah Vapor’.

LA-based hip-hop artist Lando Chill is preparing to release his new album Black Ego on October 12th via Mello Music Group. In anticipation, today he releases new single ‘Dah Vapor‘ featuring Swansuit.

Lando says this about the track: “Black culture is popular culture; with versions of various racial caricatures and appropriated stereotypes within every facet of our entertainment. There is a pure difference between reverence and obsession, and on ‘Dah Vapor’; produced by The Lasso and featuring Swansuit, we delve deep into that paradigm. We as a consumer base have varying levels of societal awareness in regards to the appropriation of black, brown, and queer culture, and waver between accepting it as a causality of our progression toward representation and true equality or as an aspect of colorblind or supremacist ideology rearing itself through the whitewashing of our history and the degradation of civil rights. In ‘Dah Vapor’, the exploration beyond the surface level of appropriation searches for authenticity; or lack-thereof, and the commodification of what starts as cultural & regional distinction but morphs into either a commodifiable flashpoint or misconceptions built from ignorance. We, as a people, are an untapped potential; a spout controlled by gatekeepers who search for the flavor of the month, and by the shackles surrounding our own perception of self.”

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