Judson Wright – Lay Low

Judson Wright - Lay Low

Judson Wright is back with his new single he calls ‘Lay Low’.

It’s no secret that the world we live in today is far from an easy-going place. Seemingly every day there is something new to worry about it, some new threat to your happiness. When those moments come sometimes you just simply have to keep yourself out of the public eye and stay focused on self. It’s in this frame of mind Judson Wright comes with his new single “Lay Low“.

When asked about the single Judson stated, “I made Lay Low as a raucous, celebratory piece that focuses on the power of expression and presence in the times of controversy.” To accomplish his mission the burgeoning Mississippi talent recruits Captain and K-Twist for some epic production. Live horns lead the way for Judson to bring his eccentric mix of R&B and Hip-Hop in a way not many could even think of matching.

Judson Wright has really carved a lane for himself with tracks rooted in substantial messages, while being down-right catchy all the same. This new entry to his catalog on continues that trend in a great way.

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