Lee Ricks ft. LDontheCut – Bad Man

Lee Ricks ft. LDontheCut - Bad Man

Lee Ricks connects with producer BigBob on ‘Bad Man’ featuring LDontheCut.

Fostering new creative alliances, “Bad Man” is the latest project from visionary producer BigBob and talented emcee Lee Ricks of “Trpl-R / True North Legacy”. The track seethes with an enigmatic energy that keeps materializing with LR’s multi syllabic and impressive lyrical techniques. His clever similes and syntaxes ride the melodic swaying strings. Heavy bass lines replete with a perfect back drop of adlibs and a catchy hook sung by LR.

Aggressive cuts and scratching by LDontheCut maximize the track for an effective and comprehensive listen. BigBob ‘s work continues to uphold his role as a vanguard in hip hop production, with simple and precise sound allowing LR and his natural vocal capabilities to shine bright. Their team work on this project strives for the continued revival of the boombap and golden era sound.

Expect more from Lee Ricks & BigBob with their “Beats for Breakfast” EP coming 2019.

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