Billy Danze ft. Lil Fame & Teflon – Ain’t Gone Do S*it

Billy Danze drops ‘Ain’t Gone Do Shit’ featuring Lil Fame and Teflon.

With his forthcoming EP, Six Pack, set for release on March 8, Billy Danze releases a new single, ‘Ain’t Gone Do Shit‘. As an added bonus, ‘Ain’t Gone Do Shit’ is essentially a new M.O.P. track, as it also features Fame and Teflon.

Accordingly, the Brownsville Bombers each demonstrate their quintessential chemistry with three standout verses that “light up your grill like Chef Ramsay.”

“Being back in the studio with Fame and Tef, there’s a sense of relief and a feeling of ease” Billy stated to Billboard. “We keep each other sharp, as you know at some point; you are going to have to get in the booth before or after one of these guys. 80 shows a year, 6+ Festivals a year for the last fifteen years; the M.O.P. train is full steam ahead!”

“Besides being my brother, Billy is the dopest rapper I know. Making records for us is like breathing air” Fame commented. “In the M.O.P. universe, everything we do is number one with a bullet.”

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