Chavis Chandler – FBHM

Chavis Chandler drops off the controversial new single “FBHM” (F*ck Black History Month).

Born and raised in Detroit, Chavis Chandler caught the attention of Danny Brown after releasing his first mixtape and was indoctrinated as a member of Brown’s Bruiser Brigade. Formed in 2010, this Detroit collective was made famous by their wide array of refreshingly raunchy antics; both on and off the mic. The group released their self-titled EP in 2011 before disbanding a few years later.

Since leaving Bruiser Brigade, Chavis has released two acclaimed mixtapes and appeared on DJ Premier & Royce 5’9’s PRhyme 2 (“Everyday Struggle”) and Royce’s Book Of Ryan (“First Of The Month” which also featured T-Pain) and his debut LP One Winged Angel (2018), which was highlighted by his collaboration “Hell & Back” featuring Royce which was premiered by Complex.

Royce is one of the few veteran artists who has been very outspoken in supporting Hip-Hop’s next wave of superstars and he has not only taken Chavis under his wing in a big brother role,, but also passed him the torch “Chavis is someone who reminds me a lot of myself as a younger artist” Royce stated. “He’s so raw and talented and progressing with every new song I hear. I can’t wait for the world to see in him what I see.”

Less than a year after his debut album, Chavis returns with Chop Shop Dojo, which will be released on April 11. In addition to announcing his new project, Chavis also released the album controversial first single “FBHM” (Fuck Black History Month).

“It’s no secret that the history of blacks, not just African Americans, traces to the beginnings of civilization. The geography of black people is vast, wide and deep” Chavis commented to HipHopDx. “Our history should be explored for more than a month and considered “World History.” The term “Black History Month” became what it is from an idea of giving blacks in America a specified time of reflection and appreciation. The founder, Carter G. Woodson’s goal was to begin something that would cause the integration of black culture into the mainstream. However, In most cases black history month seems to just be a rhetoric repeat of the same names & images of degrading treatment, murder and disrespect that blacks have endured for decades. Instead of black history being considered world history, it remains relegated to a month. We want new appreciation for our history and we want it taught all year long. From music, fashion, sports & entertainment, black culture has always been the most appropriated. We are the culture!”

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