Eminem & Chris Rivers – Lyrical Combat

Producer Domingo releases ‘Lyrical Combat’ featuring Eminem and Chris Rivers with cuts by DJ TMB.

The date was March 23 1999 when Legendary Hip Hop beat smith Domingo released his first producer album entitled “Behind The Doors Of The 13th Floor”. The album featured many known NY and West Coast artists which gained the attention of Hip Hop fans worldwide as Domingo started to get his foundation in the Hip Hop world.

One standout artist on the album was a young and hungry soon to be Hip Hop icon in his own right Eminem. On the eve of the original release date Domingo decided to release a 20th Anniversary edition of the 13th Floor album and he has added a remix of the Eminem song which was originally titled “Hustlers n Hardcore”.

Domingo reworked a whole new track and called on his young gun Chris Rivers to jump on the song to give it a fresh Hip Hop spark. DJ TMB form the UK added his touch of cuts and the song “Lyrical Combat” is what it is titled now.

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