Stoneface drops his new single he calls ‘LIQUIDHOLLOWPOINTZ’.

The future of modern Hip-Hop warfare is hidden in the schematics of past revolutionary architects. While nothing is what it appears and there is nothing new under the sun, the deepest visions come from the perceived blind, not the sighted vulture, reaching past known consciousness while planting important seeds for the future.

North Philly’s Stoneface returns heavily armed for warfare with his handcrafted “LIQUIDHOLLOWPOINTZ“. These liquid-audio projectiles fly with aim and purpose over a thick layer of Stoneface produced jungle-drums and mob-like piano riffs.

When speaking about “LIQUIDHOLLOWPOINTZ”, Stoneface stated, “It’s time for me to take aim at groupie opportunists who are ruining the culture. These type of vultures can be very dangerous because they will cross all loyalties and boundaries for their perceived slice of fame. These hollow-points are intended to erase those heathens.”

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