B-Z – Vibe

B-Z connects connect with E. Smitty for new single titled ‘Vibe’.

Tragically B-Z passed away suddenly on January 2nd, 2019 and many are still trying to come to grips with his sudden passing. B-Z was only 25 years old and a promising young artist.

A Celebration Of The Legacy Of B-Z

Written By E. Smitty

First and foremost I want to say that it took me some time to write this article because we’ve all been a bit shook up & impacted by the deaths of Nipsey Hussle & our own artist B-Z.  It came to me this morning as I lay in bed, I felt a powerful energy contact me & I ran downstairs to my desk and immediately began typing.

For most, Legacy, by definition is a gift by will in money or property that one leaves their loved ones.  Today Thursday April 11th “The Great Nipsey Hussle” will be burried in Los Angelos in just a few minutes.  People like Nipsey leave much more than money, physical or material property.  Human beings like Nipsey come once in a lifetime, every few generations, a person comes along and makes such a contribution to humankind, that he or she may change the entire face of history.  I wanted to begin this story about “Legacy” because now even more than ever it is important to examine ourselves and ask ourselves, what kind of “Legacy” will we leave whenever God (The Universe) calls?  How many lives will we have touched and impacted & did we carry out the mission that we signed up for a thousand years ago before we agreed to come to this planet/experience and make our impact.

As a Producer/Engineer I am very familiar with seeing legends, greats come and go, however I have not experienced the personal loss of one of my own teamates/artists musically until recently.  It is more than apparent that Chicagoland Native B-Z was much more than just an amazing musical talent.  The outcry of support from his family, close friends and relatives is absolutely amazing.  We found out via direct message that B-Z had left us on January 2nd 2019, last saturday on the day of the release of his latest single “Vibe”.  B-Z touched many lives and family and friends are still in shock of his sudden loss.  Many of you all might not be familiar with him or his music because he was an emerging artist, but yet still we considered him a member of the extended Sound Alive Records Family.  B-Z leaves in his legacy a hiphop group “MassAttack” & an album which we hope to assist in finalizing and putting out in his memory.

Getting back to Legacy, whether you are a “Nipsey Hussle” or a “B-Z” both 2 great men who impacted many souls & have left something much more valuable than money or material possessions.  Yes it is great to become successful and wealthy, but real wealth should be measured in continuity of character & the impact you left the lives that you touched on your experience on this planet we call earth.   What will you leave in your legacy?

Yoel Molina Law

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