E. Smitty – Eye Of Horus

E. Smitty returns with his new single ‘Eye Of Horus’ produced by Accosta.

To really understand the culture of Hip-Hop it could be said that one must be versed in every aspect of the art and creation of Hip-Hip, From the age of 12 in 7th grade E. Smitty began his journey, hosting a local radio show at his middle school in CT, which spawned into becoming a mixtape DJ, then an EMCEE and then a PRODUCER/ENGINEER.

It’s been a shile since we heard bars from the Latin American multi-talent. He sure doesn’t disappoint with ‘Eye Of Horus‘ a dark hymn touching on the on-going universal battle between the energies of Positive and Negative, “All Seeing Angels Vs Demons, Got the Eye Of Horus, I spelled the Meaning, Now Start Believing.”

Yoel Molina Law

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