Taiyamo Denku ft. aTHeNa & john doe – Dusty Bar Stool

Taiyamo Denku release new single ‘Dusty Bar Stool’ featuring aTHeNa and john doe.

The Australian beat smith Dcypha starts this heavy beat off like it is a movie. The Cyphaden front man , Milwaukee native lyricist Taiyamo Denku doesn’t lay off the throttle on this track at all. He cuts right through the beat with his raspy , heavy distinct voice. The Hook lays out the idea that these 3 emcees on this song are veteran emcees.

Athena, the Nashville native word smith always nice with the flow. if your unfamiliar with her it is cause she is a light switch with her music , she will push heavy then you wont hear from her for a while then out of nowhere she drops a verse like she does on dusty bar stool. Athena, we need more from you , your too dope not to give us more.

john doe the other Milwaukee native emcee on the track has a verse harmony based voice but knows how to drop hard bars with it as well which is what the emcee does on this track to end it off nicely. This song is a bonus song featured on the “Riot Control ” maxi single Denku and CyphaDen dropped on April 16th . you can purchase the single below.

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