Chris Orrick – Funny Things

Chris Orrick releases ‘Funny Things’ single ahead of his ‘Out To Sea’ album.

Detroit’s political, introspective Hip-Hop artist, Chris Orrick drops his latest single ‘Funny Things‘. The track is an ode to the feeling of doubt one experiences while watching our country go into a seemingly downward spiral with little to no hope of anyone in power doing anything about it. Orrick’s narrative takes on a raw, honest, therapeutic approach to the ways in which he confronts the everyday responsibility required to be alive in the year 2019. Orrick’s upcoming album Out To Sea is out May 24th via Mello Music Group.

Out to Sea began without any overarching ideas—writing as a way of figuring out what he needed to say and as a form of catharsis. Themes of stormy weather and disastrous climate started to materialize from the fog of word. It was an easy leap to link them with mental illness and the diseased discourse that has infected the political climate in the Trump era. ‘Out To Sea’ is an attempt to communicate beyond reductive binaries—not some naïve both-sides-ism bullshit but a fragile and lasting document sketched through a vale of sadness and a haunted concern for humanity.

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