Steven Darnell “The Rise Of Steelo Green” Mixtape & “Don’t Be Mad” Video

CEO of New Perspective Music Group and eclectic rapper Steven Darnell releases highly anticipated “The Rise of Steelo Green” mixtape. The 10-track project includes production from Black Metaphor, Beat Menace, and Osym Beats just to name a few.

Darnell is an Alabama native currently residing in New York City. â€œThe Rise of Steelo Green” epitomizes his youth, come up, and rise to fame. Darnell delivers ingenious doses of storytelling and tight lyricism that entices listeners in for his rhymed laced autobiography.

In â€œBreakfast”, the first track, Darnell introduces himself and declares rapping as his religion. Through witty punchlines he describes some bad decisions as well as prominent societal issues. â€œSurvival Mode” piggybacks off that rack and delves in a bit deeper, â€œIn this white man’s world I flow like Frederick Douglas.” He started out at age 15 with Pac on repeat and over 10 years mastered his craft, â€œimmaculate conception my flow heaven sent.”

“God Bless” speaks to the supporters and the haters. Although he’s been thrown to the wolves, the arduous rhyme slayer returns with fur; simply put Darnell is The Golden Child of rap.

“Don’t Be Mad”, “Learn Something”, and “Real Hip Hop” are raw, hair-raising tracks. Darnell embodies his youth from poster collaged walls of the greats, and hours and miles of hustling his music tapes to hand me downs, free lunch, and an open oven door heated home. Do take heed, and ‘learn something’ because it’s through all this Darnell’s spazzed out freestyle on Sway has doubters stuck and fumbled both on court and curbside.

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Darnell pays homage to Hip Hop pioneers along with the culture, but he also delivers some heat for the new generation of fans like â€œCost of Trill” and â€œBartian.” These southern anthems are ideal for popping bottles in the club, â€˜straight from the south ready to blow.”

“Cathedral” and â€œGeorgia’s Son” embrace Darnell’s love for music and rhymes. He entails that vision of penning every new chapter in his life through his polished, vivid lyrics.

“The Rise of Steelo Green” is brimming with classic boom bap beats, rendered soulful tones, and thundering bass that intensifies the emotion spewed from Darnell on each autobiographical track. Stream the mixtape above and follow Darnell below.

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