Chris Rivers – In The Morning

Chris Rivers takes it easy on ‘In The Morning’ single.

Chris Rivers has rap royalty coursing thru his veins.  Being the son of the legendary Big Pun may help you get your foot in the door, but it doesn’t promise longevity.  Even though Chris started rapping at a very young age, being the son of one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved artists has undeniably been a gift and a curse.

Big Pun’s legacy creates a very large shadow and its easy to get lost in it, but it hasn’t stopped Chris from showing and proving every step of the way of his young career and bloodlines or not, he is carving out his own very unique space.  Chris’ ascent has been organic and steady and has proven that he has the gifts and skills to create his own legacy and identity in the industry.  That ascent has lead him to the latest chapter in his career; a new album and a new deal with Mello Music Group.

Chris Rivers new album, G.I.T.U., which stands for ‘Greatest In The Universe,’ an acronym Chris often leaned on and repeated to himself when he was depressed to help push him thru will be released on 8-16-19.

It’s been a minute since Hip Hop had a great love song, so New York’s Chris Rivers decided to be the one to deliver it. â€œIn The Morning” is a smoothed out Hip Hop celebration of sunshine pouring in on you and your lover in at the start of the day. It’s a reminder that the best moments aren’t in the club, or the streets, but at home when you wake up next to the dream who helps you build everything worth having in life.  

In The Morning” I would say is my first love song. You know that moment when the sun piercing through your window, cascading over you, waking you up and the first thing you see is the sun-kissed face of the person you love right across from you? Some of you haven’t, I get it, but I have and I wanted to encapsulate that moment, keep it in front of me, and make it last forever. Because life isn’t always this perfect, this simple, this beautiful, and if I can trap that moment in time, then maybe I can exist in it for as long as possible. And that’s what In The Morning is about. Taking that one moment and everything that goes with it. Taking a lifetime of love and wanting it to last forever. Even tho it never will. – Chris Rivers

 â€œG.I.T.U. is a title that fully encompasses the feel of this body of work, because it traverses my mental state, loves had and lost, stories of overcoming obstacles; both internal and external while learning to love myself and becoming the best version of who I can be” Chris stated.  “Both as a person and an artist, this record breaks through the boundaries of my personal limitations.  Everyone’s world is their own, everyone has their own universe that they are in control of; and in mine—I’m undoubtedly the “G.I.T.U.”

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