MRG – The Way It Goes

MRG returns with his new single he calls ‘The Way It Goes’.

The Way It Goes‘ is the third single from Dominican-American rapper MRG‘s forthcoming debut album Live From The Hurst 2. Featuring guest vocalist Kevin Cruz and produced by DJ Mostwanted (credited on Young MA’s smash hit “Ooou”, etc.).

This song is about the personal experience of being a woman’s rebound. She was only looking for some short term fun– probably to get over an ex –but I eventually grew feelings for her. She realized how good of a catch I was after cutting me off, and wanted something more, especially after hearing the music I made. However, I had already moved on – that’s just the way it goes.” – MRG

‘The Way It Goes’ is a summer song for the club that shows the complex ends-and-outs of temporary flings. Take a listen to the single and leave a comment below.

Yoel Molina Law

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