B Val – Check The Time

B Val debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new ‘Check The Time’ single.

Although Houston is becoming a hub for mainstream music, we shouldn’t sleep on H-Town’s underground talent. Emerging from the Acres Home area of Houston’s North Side is the versatile artist B Val. He’s back with a new single “Check The Time,” and it’s about time the world check him out.

While B Val may not have made Houston’s list of top 50 rappers, the North Side native is easily one of the city’s most talented. This song “Check The Time” is proof. Whatever you are looking for in an industry ready artists is on full display in this track. From rapping to singing to substance to swag, it’s all there.

Even though B Val makes a reference to the Switzerland watch Swiss Check The Time,” the content of the track goes deeper than just wrist wear. It’s audio symbolism. The Swiss watch that he alludes to in the song is symbolic to success he gained from countless hours of grinding. Over the acoustic guitar part of the beat, Val effortlessly harmonizes,

“Bought into dream and good investments. I was low and they ain’t hit my line. I guess all I needed was correction. Now, I need a Swiss just to check the time. We been working round the clock, you should take it as a sign, something that you gotta watch,”

On the rap side, B Val is a lyrical beast. He can go bar for bar with the best. If you don’t believe me, hear for your self. Check out “Check The Time,” below.

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