Chris Orrick & The Lasso ft. Quelle Chris – Specimens

Chris Orrick and The Lasso release their ‘Specimens’ single featuring Quelle Chris.

Enter the unknown as The Lasso’s swirling synths and stutter-step drums carry you into a world of empty bottle skeletons – ‘Specimens‘ – the remains of Chris Orrick’s medicine. The pint bottled poison is the only cure Chris has ever known for shutting out the noise of the mainstream.

This dark tale of Dipsomania cautions against entering the upside-down world of the ethanol enthusiast where you might not like what you see inside. Guest emcee Quelle Chris enters the darkness and warns of the beast that will blindside you when expect it least.

Specimens is about coming to grips with the monsters we create in our lives – the things we use to escape that end up controlling and becoming us.

Yoel Molina Law

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