FELITCHE – Vamo a Toa

FELITCHE debuts on SpiFireHipHop with his new ‘Vamo a Toa’ single.

Based in Vancouver, Felitche is a DJ with a focus on creating upbeat international dance tracks that fill the room with an uproar. At a young age Felitche moved to Portugal where he spent sixteen years of his life pursuing a professional career in soccer.

Returning home at 21 after deciding the soccer route was not the path he desired, he invested every dollar he had into music. Eventually, that would get him in the eyes of Drake who offered him simple advice. You need “The song, the music video, and you gotta go to Toronto”. Felitche packed his life up and left ending up in Toronto just a week later, where he built his career and profession becoming an up and coming Canadian DJ.

In his new track, “Vamo a Toa”, Felitche has merged his experiences with the native Canadian electronic scene and the burgeoning latin dance community. A sugary-sweet electronic anthem, “Vamo a Toa” traverses sonic landscapes as a euphoric and upbeat anthem filled to the brim with energy. When asked about the track, Felitche stated:

    “Performing in a latin club for a couple years in Vancouver I wanted to make something with the same energy the incredible latin vibe creates. This is the track.”
Yoel Molina Law

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