Rayne Storm ft. Loudpack Dash – Off My Corna

Rayne Storm Off My Corna

Rayne Storm is back with a message on ‘Off My Corna’ single.

With 2020 proving to be a year of protest and revolution, songs that inspire movement are more relevant now than ever. Rayne Storm contributes to the cause with “Off My Corna“, a F.U. of a response to overactive policing. “Off My Corna” is reminiscent of NWA‘s “Fuck The Police” with a 2020 twist.

The rebellious chorus and defiant lyrics of the verses by Rayne and featured artist Loudpack Dash provide an anthem for anti-police brutality, an audio backdrop for the fight back. Rayne Storm‘s production shines on this standout track, one of the lead singles from his upcoming album “Uptown Baby“. 

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