Certain.Ones ft. Aztek The Barfly, Bobby Craves & Jimmi Da Grunt – Do It Ez

Certain.Ones release the new single “Do It Ez” featuring Aztek The Barfly, Bobby Craves & Jimmi Da Grunt.

For some things this Hip-Hop thing is really difficult to get control of. On the other had, it is easy for others. Enter Certain.Ones with their new single, “Do It Ez” that includes cuts by Keef Wookie.

Those that is comes easy to are the Certain.Ones. Bobby Craves, Jimmi Da Grunt, Wann Sklobi, Aztek The Barfly and Keef Wookie don’t stress about this the Hip-Hop thing, they “Do It Ez.” Pres play on the Wann Sklobi produced track below.

Yoel Molina Law

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