SoulChef & Hydroponikz – Hands Up

SoulChef and Hydroponikz return with their new single, “Hands Up.”

As an immigrant in the United States, Hydroponikz teams up with New Zealand producer SoulChef, in their latest work “Hands Up“, to express his frustration with the discriminatory treatment of those citizens that helped to shape the cultural diversity of our society.

The energetic anthem aims to inspire oppressed humans to not be fooled by the constructs of corrupt government and to shed light on the criminalization of race, creed, and gender identity to conceal white-collar lawlessness. While the mainstream media paints the civil rights movement to be a summer trend, “Hands Up” serves as a reminder that this is a fight that has lasted, and may last, several lifetimes.

“Hands Up” is the second single from SoulChef and Hydroponikz’s upcoming album “NY2NZ” (New York to New Zealand). The first single “Last Time” was released in July 2020.

Yoel Molina Law

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