80Empire, Evil Ebenezer & Kid Vishis Release “Devil Rolls Up”

80Empire, Evil Ebenezer and Kid Vishis connect for this new single called “Devil Rolls Up.”

What happens with you come face to face with the Devil? Do you think about all the devious things that you perpetrated against others? Do you call upon the God within you.

Today 80Empire, Evil Ebenezer and Kid Vishis come together for this new single “Devil Rolls Up” featuring Lindsay Niccs and Alex St.Kitts. Has the Devil presented himself to you and you were able avoid pitfall that was placed in front of you. The Devil has motives and may play with your mind by presenting what you want (though it may not be good for you) in pretty package.

Remember the “Devil Rolls Up” sometimes disguised as a friend.

Yoel Molina Law

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