DillanPonders Releases “Jungle” ft. Ruby Waters

DillanPonders is back with his new “Jungle” single featuring Ruby Waters.

Ahead of his full-length album coming later this Winter, DillanPonders releases “Jungle” today — a brand new single produced by Losh and featuring Métis singer/songwriter Ruby Waters. Coming through with a melodic new banger, the trio delivers rugged street philosophy with a keen pop sensibility. Dillan’s unmistakable voice and effortless flows perfectly complement Waters’ smoky alto, as the pair explore the wild world that everyday life can often be — a theme more relevant now than ever before. This is Dillan’s first collaboration with Waters, a celebrated up-and-coming Indigenous artist also on the heels of her own EP release (October 2020). While the two have never previously worked together, they’re old friends and the familiarity and chemistry they share outside the studio led to the creation of a natural vibe and exciting partnership on “JUNGLE”.

An extremely personal song to Dillan, “JUNGLE” explores his life’s ups and downs and continuous challenges on many fronts: disputes and arguments with his now ex-fiancée, ongoing frustration with certain parts of the music industry, and previous firsthand experiences with drug addiction and homelessness — all while battling a lifelong mental illness with bipolar disorder. Channeling these various challenges and frustrations into his music, Dillan shares his truth about what navigating the chaos can be like, especially when you can’t see the forest for the trees.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of life in a first-world city being just as wild and unpredictable as the jungle — something I would often think about when listening to ‘Concrete Jungle‘ by Bob Marley, growing up,” says DillanPonders. “‘JUNGLE’ is about how I deal with the sometimes wild day-to-day occurrences in my life. And the time we’re all living in right now with this pandemic makes that all feel even more real.”

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