Kool Keith Releases “Super Hero” Remix Feat. MF DOOM

Kool Keith releases “Super Hero” remix produced by L’Orange and featuring MF DOOM.

As many of us are well aware of the untimely passing of MF Doom, his music and his approach to making music will be talked about forever.

Kool Keith and MF Doom flew in through Tulsa to another dimension right on time for the Heroes Hustlers convention this morning. This is two of the world’s best, true Hip-Hop Super Heroes kicking it with the X-Men drinking tea watching D-cup chicks, eating shrimps, swanson frozen duck dinners, driving  monster truck Lamborghini’s, w/ some Cold Stone ice cream on the side. It doesn’t get much better.

Super Hero” was released back in back in September of 2016. Today we get the remix which was produced by L’Orange. R.I.P. MF DOOM!

Yoel Molina Law

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