J Esqo Connects With OhWowMatt On ‘2020 Won’

J Esqo makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with his “2020 Won” single.

J Esqo is set to make 2021 his year as he is the talent to watch. In grand style, he has released his hip-hop/rap joint “2020 Won” featuring OhWowMatt. The anthemic single radiates uninhibited energy with the driving flows and story-telling lyricism. J Esqo’s flow and vocal performance contrast the acoustic beat perfectly.

“2020 Won” is a musical experience that listeners will not soon forget. The emotion-evoking guitar riff paired with the hard-hitting beat works seamlessly with the vocals, rendering it perfect for the charts. With a contemporary message that many will relate to, J Esqo and OhWowMatt deliver a must-listen single.

From the living room to the car to the club, “2020 Won” will undoubtedly impact people. Undoubtedly, J Esqo is creating his own lane in the industry with his powerful sound, and “2020 Won” is a clear example of that. The powerful single is a playlist must-add as J Esqo is set to take the scene by storm.

Yoel Molina Law

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