PGAglobal ft. CalBro & Ghosty – ALKALINE

PGAglobal ft. CalBro & Ghosty - Alkaline

PGAglobal releases new “Alkaline” single featuring CalBro and Ghosty.

Today we get a new single from Pittsburgh artist, Ghosty. With all of the hype surrounding a few artists from Pittsburgh lately, Ghosty is the best in my opinion. He is sort a throwback artist with the way that he rhymes. Ghosty and CalBro connect for this new single titled “Alkaline.”

As we know alkalinity is very important to good health. If your body is in an “alkaline” state, it will be in optimal health. That is the same with rhymes. PGAglobal connects with CalBro and Ghosty who provide us with this 7.5 and higher “Alkaline” rhymes. Listen to the WvvinLvne produced single below.

Yoel Molina Law

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