Hubbs Is Back With New “Hills” Single Produced By M Germ

Hubbs - Hills

Hubbs introduces you to a particular section of Pittsburgh with new “Hills” single.

Today Hubbs gives you another eardrum pleasure with “Hills.” This is the latest single from Hubbs’ upcoming “Winston Zeddemoore” album. “Hills” is another banger from the Pittsburgh (Penn Hills) artist which was produced by M Germ. Listening to Hubbs is very satisfying. If you are unfamiliar with him, let this be the last time you miss any of his releases.

If you grew up in or ever visited Ohio, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania or West Virginia you may know about the discount department store “Hills.” These stores were usually of the out skirts of the city and many kids got their school clothes from “Hills.” Here is to those trips outside the city for new clothes. Listen to “Hills” from Hubbs below.

Yoel Molina Law

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