R.3.D Releases New “Divine Dignity” Remix

R.3.D - Divine Dignity

R.3.D is back with this new single called “Divine Dignity.”

R.3.D returns today with a new remix. “I first wrote this song in 2013 for my project 13 Til’ Infinity, until then this song has transformed to be one of the biggest songs on my Spotify & Apple Music profile.” R.3.D continues to create music that touches your soul.

“May 5th, 2021 I had a performance in Dallas, TX for 2hotradio & I asked my Instagram supporters which song they’d like me to perform & they chose Divine Dignity. I wasn’t too excited to do this so I completely remixed the entire song for also my enjoyment, here is Divine Dignity (2021).”

Yoel Molina Law

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