POP Buchanan Delivers New “Transformation P” Single

POP Buchanan - Transformation P

POP Buchanan shares his latest single in “Transformation P.”

Brooklyn Lyricist and Sober is Dope CEO POP Buchanan transcends on new single “Transformation P.” Produced by Nudgi-Nudge, “Transformation P” goes hard and covers everything from sobriety, quitting cigarettes, and seeking mind, body, and spiritual mastery.

The song has deep undertones of Ancestry, Egyptology, and transforming consciousness. This track distinguishes coon rap (murder and death) vs. the real boom-bap (life and lyrics). This short track feels like a dope bridge for bigger records to come. POP Buchanan will follow up with back-to-back singles OFF THE GRID and DEAR ADDICTS. Stay tuned.

Yoel Molina Law

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