Native Slang Drops “T​.​H​.​O​.​R.” (The Heritage Of Resistance) Feat. Dr. X, Mike Wird & Sevenstar

Native Slang ft. Dr. X, Mike Wird, & Sevenstar - T​.​H​.​O​.​R. (The Heritage Of Resistance)

Native Slang releases this new single “T​.​H​.​O​.​R.” (The Heritage Of Resistance) featuring Dr. X, Mike Wird, and Sevenstar.

The Native Slang Gang returns with the second single off their upcoming “NATIVE SLANGUAGE” EP, and this one is a flaming arrow between the eyes. “T.H.O.R. (The Heritage Of Resistance)” is a deep look into the cultural backgrounds of members EKYM 1536 (Jicarilla Apache), 8ch2Owens (2nd Generation Cuban American), and special guest SEVEN STAR (2nd Generation Puerto Rican American), and doesn’t turn the eye away from hard realities that have plagued all our people.

Each of our lands have been ravaged and exploited by invaders; all of our people made to submit obediently. This song is a reminder to Our Generation and those after us, that we come from a long line of proud, strong, indigenous people who fought and gave their lives for our original homelands. Their Blood pumps in our veins, their torch has been passed down to us. It is our Duty to Rise and Resist. It is our Turn Now.

Yoel Molina Law

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