Certain.Ones Drop “Say What?” Feat. Scripz & Bobby Craves

CERTAIN.ONES ft. Scripz & Bobby Craves - Say What?

Certain.Ones release the new single “Say What?” featuring Scripz and Bobby Craves.

Certain.Ones return today with this new single produced by Wann Sklobi. When you mumble no one can hear and most likely will respond with “Say What?.” You will never hear anyone from Certain.Ones mumble when they spit. When you hear anyone from this talented assembly of artists, they will make you respond with “Say What?” because you can’t believe what you just hear. The rewind button is you favorite button when listening to anything from Certain.Ones.

On this new “Say What?” single, Scripz and Bobby Craves put on for the crew. It is never a dull moment when Certain.Ones are on the mic. This is prime MCing from Scripz and Craves. We hope you are not sleeping on these dudes, as you would really be missing out on quality Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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