Dirty Clanzmen Drops “Clout” Dungeon Masta, Matt Bastardo, Dizzy Dizasta & Manny Macgyver

Dirty Clanzmen - Clout

Dirty Clanzmen releases “Clout” featuring Dungeon Masta, Matt Bastardo, Dizzy Dizasta, and Manny Macgyver.

Straight from The 10th Chamber Of The Wu Tang Clan, off The Brooklyn Zu Branch Da Dirty Clanzmen is a tribute collective to Ol´Dirty Bastard. Formed by Brooklyn Zu’s Dungeon Masta to represent Ol´Dirty Bastard’s legacy, plus Popa Wu legacy to honor their names and also to establish who they are as artists.

Da Dirty Clanzmen proves that hip-hop is not dead and is bound to take back the culture and the sound that rightfully belongs to people. Press play on this Anno Domini Nation producer banger and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Yoel Molina Law

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