Mike Titan & Zcience Division Drop “Zcientifik Intelligence” Feat. A7MC & Aida

Mike Titan & Zcience Division ft. X A7MC & Aida  - Zcientifik Intelligence

“Zcientifik Intelligence” is the new single from Mike Titan and Zcience Division.

Mike Titan and Zcience Division release their new single titled “Zcientifik Intelligence.’ What is “Zcientifik Intelligence” you ask? It is the magic of science intertwined with Hip-Hop. This is a new intellectual breed of Hip-Hop artists. Mike Titan and Zcience Division share this intellectual property with two emcees who are on the same page in A7MC and Aida.

This intelligent resurgence in Hip-Hop is a welcomed change, back to what Hip-Hop used to be. There was a day when you listened to Hip-Hop and it taught, and encouraged the upliftment of the people. The intelligence of the artists really shone through in their rhymes, and it looks like it is returning.

Yoel Molina Law

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