POP Buchanan Apologizes For His Addiction On “Little Punk”

POP Buchanan - Little Punk

POP Buchanan returns today with another personal release in “Little Punk.”

POP Buchanan a.k.a. The Sober Rapper follows up with his latest single, “Little Punk,” after dropping “Dear Addicts,” in August. Produced by ED-APE, this emotional and raw song expresses POP’s need to make amends for his troubled past and alcohol abuse. With familiar themes from Alcoholics Anonymous, POP exercises 2 of the 12 Steps by making amends and apologizing to any persons he may have wronged while intoxicated.

The artwork displays an image of young POP, the aforementioned “Little Punk.” From toxic parties, to not being able to keep a job, and losing a brother, “Little Punk”, is an honest look into the roller coaster of POP’s past. Please share this song with anyone dealing with addiction and check out the Sober Is Dope podcast. “Little Punk,” dropped today, September 29 which is POP Buchanan’s birthday.

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