King V Drops “Crime Pays” Feat. Juice Gawwd, Blackseed & Hanzo Bladez

King V ft. Juice Gawwd, Blackseed & Hanzo Bladez - Crime Pays

King V drops “Crime Pays” featuring Juice Gawwd, Blackseed and Hanzo Bladez.

King V is back with a new single today. King V is shinning up his tool with taking what is yours on his mind. Now this is not for everyone, so some one must understand this. It is imperative that you are careful when listen to “Crime Pays” as it may land you in a situation that you are not ready for.

Toronto producer ThisIsHipHopp lays down the track King V, Juice Gawwd, Blackseed, and Hanzo Bladez obliterate this boom bap track. Keep your head on a swivel if you don’t want lose your goods to King V and his guys. Press play on “Crime Pays” below.

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