Mr. SOS Releases “A Kid Again” Single

Mr. SOS - A Kid Again

Mr. SOS drops off his latest single titled “A Kid Again.”

Back in his element with a vibey, heady Hip-Hop single produced by Maxamill, it’s Mr. SOS with “A Kid Again“.

“A Kid Again” is a depiction of an unstable mind in these unstable times,” says Mr. SOS joking about his new single while the harps & guitars from the track are heard swelling in the back. “All jokes aside, this is a song I wrote while I was going through a lot, as many of us are, and the crazy part is it’s even more relevant now than it was when I wrote it.

A Kid Again” reminisces on the past while also questioning why we romanticize it in the first place. Why do we think the grass is greener on the other side? Allegedly written while going through a break up and recorded back in his hometown of Palm Beach, Florida with former legendary producer/engineer DJ Sparkz (mastered in Atlanta by Moredopemusic affiliate Wes Green), “A Kid Again” is a vibe that you might find yourself “going back” to.

This one goes deep and is different than anything else I’ve done,” adds SOS, “I wanted to experiment with different sounds and flows and it came out better than I imagined it.”

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