M-Dot Release The “Dreamscape” (Remix) Prod. By Elliot The Producer

M-Dot - Dreamscape (Remix)

M-Dot connects with produced by Elliot The producer on the “Dreamscape” remix.

Some people we fall asleep and don’t want to wake from our dreams. This is especially true when your real life is not as good as you would like. Your mind begins to think very bad things, that you want to do to people. Some of you actually wake and begin to live out those evil thoughts, and wished that you remained in your dreams.

Own Lane Music shares the “Dreamscape (Remix)” by Boston, MA rap artist M-Dot. He goes in and it sounds like he is speaking from personal experience. M-Dot is having a bunch of weird dreams but still wants to go back to the dream world. UK beatsmith Elliot The Producer provides M-Dot the portal via this beat to allow you to see his dreams through his words.

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