Big Almighty Drops “Food Of The Gods” Feat. Ruste Juxx & Millano Constantine

Big Almighty feat. Ruste Juxx & Millano Constantine - Food of The Gods

Big Almighty is back with another new single, “Food of The Gods” featuring Ruste Juxx and Millano Constantine.

BigBob and Raf Almighty aka Big Almighty return with their third single taken from their self-titled trilogy album Big Almighty. This time they give you a taste of ambrosia while recruiting seasoned veterans Ruste Juxx and Milano Constantine. These emcee’s are destined for success and longevity, BigBob is cooking and the “Food of The Gods” is on the menu.

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The “Big Almighty Trilogy is brought to you by and dedicated to our FOREVER QUEENS Kisha Furnanders and Viengxay Khotmanivong.” “Big Almighty” is available on all digital outlets.

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