IM’PERETIV Drops “Takin’ A Trip” Feat. Elcamino, Chayna Ashley & Plex Diamonds

IM'PERETIV feat. Elcamino, Chayna Ashley & Plex Diamonds - Takin' A Trip

IM’PERETIV connects with Elcamino, Chayna Ashley and Plex Diamonds on “Takin’ A Trip.”

Come “Take a Trip” with Canadian producer IM’PERETIV along with Griselda affiliate; Elcamino, Top Female Rapper; Chayna Ashley and Gotham City Rapper; Plex Diamonds. Takin’ a Trip is the third single off the upcoming project from IM’PERETIV, Burial Plots & Pyramid Schemes. IM’PERETIV continues to enlist some of Underground Hip Hop’s top spitters and best kept secrets on the path to releasing his first full length project.

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Takin’ a Trip’s dark horror movie sample provides an unsettling tone which compliments Elcamino’s hook which will leave listeners feeling like they’re in a scene straight out of Boyz in the Hood. Specifically the scene of Tre asking to be let out of Dough Boy’s car. On that note, take a listen to Takin’ a Trip: “You can get out, or you stay in the whip.”

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