King Tetrus Meets Destiny On “First Date”

King Tetrus - First Date

King Tetrus is on a “First Date” with destiny, and so far so good.

Hip-Hop culture has so many talented people woven within its tapestry. Not enough of them get the shine we think they should. With what is going on in the world and within in Hip-Hop, there are artists that give hope that Hip-Hop will return to what it once was. The Hip-Hop that encouraged, that strengthened, and that was creative.

King Tetrus Talks New Music & Being A “Corporate Fraud”

Don’t look now but Miami’s King Tetrus has entered the building and is ready to give Hip-Hop her creative edge back. His new single “First Date” is a testament to his creative abilities. Everything that we have heard about destiny is that no matter what you do, you can’t escape it. King Tetrus is on his “First Date” with destiny and as much as we can ascertain, it is going well.

Be sure to add King Tetrus to your list of artist to listen to, and don’t forget to call him “King.”

Yoel Molina Law

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