Breez Evahflowin Releases “The Idiotic” Feat. Big Zoo

Breez Evahflowin feat. Big Zoo - The Idiotic

Breez Evahflowin drops new single, “The Idiotic” featuring Big Zoo.

Cerebral street spitters and battle-rap royalty unite on new single “The Idiotic” (out this morning). The track is the new offering from ever potent emcee Breez Evahflowin featuring Big Zoo and Produced by Selectron. Astute 90’s hip-hop heads will catch the vibe and lyrical tip-of-the-hat to a certain trio out of Bucktown with the Boot Camp Clik.

Speaking on the influence Breez acknowledged “although the instrumentation is different, the beat matches the vibe of the original to a T and that just brought it out of me. Then Zoo followed step with a dope flip of Buck’s famous line.”

Always one to drop knowledge in tracks Breez says of the theme “we are in a place in time where no one can claim definitive truth about any subject. This beat just landed in my inbox from out of the blue and made me want to vent. I sent my Verse and the beat to zoo and I guess he felt the same way.”

Breez Evahflowin’s credits in the game go back to the mid-90’s when he dominated tracks and ciphers as part of the Stronghold Crew (which included in their ranks Poison Pen, L.I.F.E Long & Swave Sevah) and the national battle scene (winning the 1999 televised Blaze Battle where he beat Cappadonna and Pumpkinhead as well as finishing over such competitors as RZA and Craig G). His latest release Seconds (2021) was his second with producer Dirt E Dutch. With this single is the promise of more music to be released in the very near future.

In addition to his skills on the microphone Big Zoo’s hand in hip-hop is massive as the founder of the legendary EODub rap battle. Originally known as End Of The Weak, this NYC showcase (now global) has helped build the cred and careers of such notables as Math Hoffa, Justina Valentine, Immortal Technique, Jin, Gorilla Nems and Iron Solomon to name a few.

According to her bio, Selectron is an autistic 21-year-old transgender woman from the backwoods of North Carolina. Sending her track to Breez Evahflowin on a whim and as he says on the recording “The kid had a blast, sent it to me and I couldn’t pass.”

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