Choco Valens Eats Well In His ‘Miami Estate’

Choco Valens - Miami Estate

Choco Valens shall no longer entertain energy that does not go well with his “Miami Estate.”

Miami’s CHOCO VALENS has been releasing scorching singles at a breakneck rate since the start of 2022.  When you are putting out that amount of work, with a total disregard for pop trends, and an obsession with being 100% authentic, you are going to start growing a fan base and a group of haters. It’s a sign that you are doing something right.

Choco Valens Stays Busy On “No Days Off” Feat. Orion

After getting some less than favorable feedback from a couple of Youtube Review shows, CHOCO stepped into the kitchen to bake his critics some humble pie, which he happily force-feeds them on his New Banger MIAMI ESTATE.

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