Duexshi Delivers Rich Girl Vibes On New Track Expen$ive

Duexshi - Expen$ive

Now, Duexshi aren’t saying that they are gold diggers, they are just making their intentions clear on new track “Expen$ive.” 

Houston’s newest female rap duo Duexshi, lets their listeners know off rip that they are both extravagant women with high standards and if you can’t do it, they can do it their damn selves. 

The beautiful thing about the track “Expen$ive” is that not the fact that it’s made by two beautiful women, but they aren’t asking for any help from men. Duexshi uses lyrics to highlight women’s empowerment, women’s independence and should inspire all the women around the world to up the ante and go get what they deserve with or without help. 

“Rockin’ all pink yellow Hermes slip ons. Hustler of the year, I made more plays than a flip phone. Bluefaces in my bank account, I spend bundles on my lacefronts. You heauxs think you can f**k with me, you must be smoking laced blunts.”

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