J.Lately Is Ok With Only “Pictures” On His Walls

J.Lately - Pictures

J.Lately says he is ok with having only “Pictures” on his wall in stead of plaques.

Coming off a huge year in 2021 where he dropped two full length albums, Bay Area rapper J.Lately isn’t letting off the gas anytime soon. Here he delivers his brand new single ‘Pictures‘, a heartfelt and upbeat track about appreciating the important people and things in our lives. Leading off the track with the statement “I don’t need plaques, I want pictures on my wall,” Lately dives deep into his development as a person and an artist. On the hook he proclaims, “Sometimes I don’t know just where we’re going, but I know not to run from what will be destined. Yeah I’m right where I’m supposed to,” reminding us that sometimes life is more about the journey than the destination, and to find comfort and joy in where we’re currently at on that journey.

J.Lately & The Grouch – Good Morning

Production is provided by frequent collaborator West Coast Trey, who produced more than half of Lately’s last two albums ‘Bodega’ and ‘Winnebago’. Over the soulful soundscape of catchy melodies and drum loops, pleasantly reminiscent of classic some boom bap, Lately adds his overwhelmingly authentic style and perspective giving the track an entirely unique and modern feel. With ease and comfort he brings the listener on his journey allowing us all a glimpse at the pictures hanging on his walls. Listen to “Pictures” below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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