A.A.G. Records and JLC Release “Illuminate One” Single

Texas rap sensation/CEO JLC and A.A.G. Records present his new hit single “Illuminate One.” If you are an artist in the game or moving to win in life, this track is a must-listen. JLC addresses the elephant in the room which is decisions artists face on a daily, some that could change their lives for the better, but at what cost. How will they decide, with a halo risen shoulder or one sparking flames?

JLC shares his own feeling of being torn. Should he sell his soul for fame and fortune and change his name? Those thoughts are immediately shut down as he reminds himself he drives down a self-made lane and doesn’t bow or fall to intimidation or controlling puppets. His realness and originality keep him reigning in music and prosperous in life.

JLC’s tell-all lyricism is underlined by striking melodies and hard bass. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.

Connect with JLC

IG @jlcaagrecords

Website www.allaroundaag.com

Email @info@aagmanagementteam.com

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