Comet Madmen Visits Hurtful Experiences On “Carry Thru My Pain” Feat. Indigo Phoenyx & St Ivan The Terrible

Comet Madmen feat. indigo Phoenyx St Ivan The Terrible - Carry Thru My Pain

Comet Madmen makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with this new single titled “Carry Thru My Pain” featuring Indigo Phoenyx and St Ivan The Terrible.

We never know what people have been or are currently going through, this is why we should be mindful when encountering individuals. Comet Madmen releases his new “Carry Thru My Pain” single which speaks to the pain that people hold that you cannot see. Many of good at masking their pain even as they travel through it.

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Comet Madmen is joined by Indigo Phoenyx and St Ivan The Terrible. Indigo Phoenyx expresses how she pushes through the pain as she penetrates the chest of the beast with daggers. St Ivan The Terrible follows that up with talks about the pain that leads to depression, especially when you seen people that you know excel. Through it all, each of them remember to acknowledge The Most High.

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