Freddie Black Drops New Single “Black On Black” Feat. G Fam Black

Freddie Black feat. G Fam Black - Black On Black

Freddie Black connects with G Fam Black on his new single, “Black On Black” produced by Malik Freeman.

We haven’t heard from Freddie Black since the end of 2021. We are happy to share his new single “Black On Black” featuring G Fam Black. Back in October of 2021 we had the pleasure of interviewing Freddie Black and Ras Beats as they released “Black Beats, Peyote Cookies And Late Nights” album. If you haven’t heard the album you should go listen to it immediately.

Freddie Black & Ras Beats Connect With M-Dot On “Hands Up”

The industry has some artists by the balls, and they tell what to do and when to do it. This Hip-Hop Culture used to be about skills, and still don’t nothing move but the money. Freddie Black brings out the ironclad rhymes along with G Fam Black on the wavy track from Malik Freeman. If you see Freddie Black dressed in “Black On Black,” you’ll know what it is about.

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