CERTAIN.ONES Drop “Eye For One” Single

CERTAIN.ONES feat. MC WhiteOwl, Bobby Craves & Feral Serge - Eye For One

CERTAIN.ONES returns today with “Eye For One” featuring MC WhiteOwl, Bobby Craves, and Feral Serge.

We have very happy to share another single from the crew called CERTAIN.ONES. We also believe that Hip-Hop is stronger because this group of men have decided to contribute to the culture. Today we have received yet another single that should make you a fan of CERTAIN.ONES and the individuals who make up this uniquely talented crew.

Eye For One” produced by Wann Sklobi will help you understand why we like this crew so much. MC WhiteOwl, Bobby Craves, and Feral Serge decorate the world of Hip-Hop with this hand woven textile that will make you remove your mask and say, “Eye For One” in agreement.

Yoel Molina Law

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